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PDS Canada Corp.

For more than 30 years, PDS has licensed its HRMS/Payroll software in Canada, starting with its first customer in 1983. With a strong customer base all across Canada, we continue to grow our Canadian business. PDS Canada Corp. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PDS.

What our customers say...

As a Canadian client since 2009, we are very pleased with Vista's product capabilities and our ability to mold it to our unique requirements.”

Paula Wolfe

Payroll Coordinator, Matrix Solutions, Inc.

PDS Canada Corp.

Some of our customers include Niagara Parks Commission, Peel District School Board, Calgary Airport Authority, Alberta Electric Supply, and BcIMC, all of whom leverage the superior functionality and technology of Vista HRMS.

Many organizations have employees in both Canada and the United States and often those employees are in the same subsidiary, division, department, etc.

Unlike other vendors that require the use of two distinct systems – Canadian and U.S. - Our Vista HRMS® has intelligent cross border capabilities to manage both Canadian and U.S. employees in a single database.

Vista HRMS is a core suite of Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, Recruiting, Workflow and Self-Service components that provides comprehensive, yet flexible tools to help you manage and deploy data across your enterprise. And it can be configured to reflect your business practices and processes. Users can be provided with specific functionality according to their job responsibilities and authority to access sensitive information.

In addition, users can easily create their own specialized reports to supplement the extensive library of predefined reports.

Finally, Vista HRMS's extensive workflow engine reduces the overhead involved in day-to-day tasks and frees up your professionals to focus on more strategic issues.