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Robust, agile software.
It provides comprehensive answers for all your HRMS needs.

The Vista HRMS product suite provides the tools to streamline the management of your employee population using the latest technologies.

Whether your employees reside in the U.S. or in Canada, PDS has the expertise to help you manage your complete HR, Benefits and Payroll needs.

Unlike other systems that offer separate, often disjointed modules for every facet of HRMS, the Vista HRMS suite includes functionality to support a full-breadth of management tools in one single core HRMS/Payroll system. Implementing Vista HRMS as your system of record eliminates the need to purchase and integrate stand-alone systems to manage your workforce.

Some of Vista's features that make your job simpler...

  • Delivery Options – On-Premise, SaaS or Hosted
  • Complete HR Administration
  • Recruiting Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Payroll Time Collection
  • Payroll Processing & Reporting
  • Employee and Manager Self-Service
  • Configurable Workflow Approvals
  • Extensive Historical Tracking and Point-in-time reporting
  • Complete Electronic Document Management
  • Standard Reports and English-language Query tool
  • Role-based Security Controls
  • Global Data Retention and Reporting

Vista HRMS was developed by PDS. The system is an integrated suite of components that offers a simple-to-navigate portal, providing a secure environment for you to deploy across your organization.

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Vista HRMS offers one database, one powerful application portal, and one set of staff to support the application. Plus, we’re easy to do business with. Why complicate things?


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