PDS Payroll Built for You

The Vista® Payroll component provides the capability to run your payroll in-house, using the power of Vista's proven payroll engine. It’s designed for companies that require reliable, efficient, but complex payroll functionality.

Payroll Features That Make Your Job Easier

Our Payroll features are built for you and put you at the core of everything we do. Whether you’re looking for complete payroll administration, time collection, calendars, auto-pay generation, or more, the Vista Payroll component will bring you and your team peace of mind. A partial list of features includes:

  • Complete payroll administration
  • Time collection
  • Calendars and auto-pay generation
  • On-demand check calculation and creation
  • Tax maintenance service
  • Dashboards of actionable analytics

With Vista Payroll, you'll also get:

  • Wage attachment processing
  • Retroactive pay
  • Reciprocity
  • Labor distribution and general ledger
  • Extensive historical tracking
  • "Go Green" with self-service e-checks, e-W-2s, e-1095-Cs, and T4s
  • Standard reports and English-language query tool

Extensive reporting and filing:

  • U.S. Reporting (e.g., Federal, State, W-2)
  • Canadian Reporting (e.g., Federal, Provincial, T4, T4A)
  • Optional tax filing service with one of our partners

What Our Customers Say

“Lee County Clerk’s Payroll and the Lee County Board of County Commissioners printed close to 5,000 1095-C versa seal forms for our 4 companies that we process payroll for, 2 retiree companies and 12 companies that we do not pay, but are on the BOCC’s benefit plans. We could not have accomplished such a feat if it were not for the terrific support we had from PDS.”

- Barbara Cobb, Lee County Clerk of Courts

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