Learning to Make Vista Disruptive

Is your Vista disruptive? We hope so!

Human Capital Management is a sensitive part of overall operations, no matter what type of company you represent. You have to ensure that your HR/Benefits/Payroll departments run smoothly and effectively. It’s one of those things that a company can’t afford to get wrong.

Over the last 4 decades, PDS has always offered disruptive technologies. What I mean by this is – “A disruptive technology is one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry” or “significant cultural impact”. PDS has a history of disruptive experiences below:


Disruptive Innovation


70’s One of the first to fully integrate HR/Ben/Payroll Combining silos of data into one system of record.
80’s Offered alternative to mainframe servers introducing multiple mid-range server options (HP, Dec/Vax, IBM, etc.);

Offered one of the first integrated PC-version in 1985.

Offered Vista in “Timesharing” mode (Hosted by PDS) way before ASP/Cloud existed.

Preserving massive computing using less resources both hardware, energy, and internal human capital.

Breaking the GO BLUE mentality and showing the industry what’s really possible.

Allowing the vendor to support their application and infrastructure remotely (off-premises) …sound familiar?

90’s Hearing about newcomer PeopleSoft…rewriting Vista from Flat File to Relational Model by 1992 jumped started the Client-Server Revolution while most mature vendors slapped a pretty front-end (AKA, GUI) to cloak their “Flat file systems”.

First to offer Relational Position Control (Management)

First to offer Cross-border U.S./Canadian solution with a single-database

PDS revolutionized complete data access. Providing one of the most Open-Architected Solution in the marketplace.

Position Control allowed companies the ability to view “a position” as a single entity whereby common attributes can be defined such as budget (funded or not funded), hierarchy, location, title, distribution/allocations, etc. and historically track regardless of the “person” filling or not filling that role.

2000’s Cloud or On-Premise

Mobilization (BYOD)

PDS never abandons our customers providing flexible deployment options (On-premises or Hosted/Cloud).

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has expanded the landscape of employee engagement.

In 2017, PDS will continue to step up with improvements to make our customers’ experience better. We will continue to adopt and innovate better ways to present features and services to what I see is not an ALL-IN TECH CULTURE. Customers will learn to be hybrid-savvy making use of both on-premise functionality and integrated web services offered by PDS or other externally provided technologies.

By way of example, please find just a few of the ways Vista will be disruptive amongst our customers:


Making the hiring practice easier! Imagine the ability to streamline your search of highly qualified candidates. Allow Vista to assist your recruiters and hiring managers with the ability to filter out “the noise” and focus on candidates of high value. Integration with hiring services like Career Builder, Monsters, Indeed, etc. will draw in selective recruits and allow you (the professional) to use the Vista Solution to better focus on the characteristics of “the person” through simplified automation. Making sure your new hire is the best fit for your organization.

Accessing REAL-DATA 

In the digital era, the more forward-facing we are via self-service, the more we have grown and continue to grow accustomed to having data at our finger tips. PDS continues to make available real-time data via mobile and through dashboards. Going by the wayside is the dependence of static reports. Because most customers deal with sensitive issues, getting the data right is extremely vital. Knowing that through sophisticated automation of data, users will witness their entire administrative solutions integrated, which is providing a more accurate and precise service to all stakeholders (managers, employees, etc.). Knowing your data better will allow you to interact with other services and solutions to further systematize specific integrations with external vendors or partners in areas like onboarding, compensation, and performance by way of example.

Embracing Change, you should be so bold 

To embrace change, you need to accept it first. HR/Benefits/Payroll departments work to make operations smoother on a daily basis. When your job is to ensure employees are happy and function well within an organization, products like Vista can assist in making people management much easier. This is but the beginning of the era of higher-expectations, technology will be needed to bridge the cultural high-touch data demands of your enterprise. So, be disruptive, we got your back!

Dan Price
Regional Sales Manager