Are You Ready for PDS to Host Your Vista?

PDS Offers Options on How to Deploy Your HCM!

As many of you are aware, Vista can be deployed in two ways: On-Premise: “Traditional” in customer’s infrastructure, or Cloud: with a License or with a Subscription (SaaS).

PDS uses leading co-location specialists TierPoint in Valley Forge, PA to service U.S. based customers and Bell Canada to service Canadian-based customers as our cloud Co-location sites. Like PDS, TierPoint and Bell Canada maintains a SOC-1 Audit Report adding another layer of service availability and security. All customers regardless of co-location center will benefit from the stability and reliability of state-of-the art data centers and a national network footprint. You also get 24/7 monitoring, management and support.

Industry articles, bloggers, and forums are heavily suggesting trends in Cloud deployment; however trendy, PDS continues our strong commitment to On-Premise Licensing and has shown much success as we continue to absorb competitor abandonment of On-Premise customers not willing or not able to move to the cloud.

At PDS, we believe in CHOICE! Being in business for over 40 years, we have always moved strategically into other technologies with our customers in mind. This is proven with customers celebrating 30+ and 20 + years with PDS. We believe that it would be irresponsible to abandon our on-premise customers’ loyalty and that CHOICE is important.

Whether your organization stays status-quo or decides to choose another deployment strategy, PDS will be there for you. However, it does come down to education on why one deployment may be better than another. This article focuses on why customers might want to consider cloud.

What Organizations Like About Cloud

Being your cloud provider for HCM, PDS offers several IT advantages for organizations, the top factors that are driving interest in the services include…

  • Improved Data Backup Services and Disaster Recovery –This is the biggest motivating factor for cloud customers. Backup and Disaster Recovery is cost-effective and convenient. The process is automated, and with data stored on a protected remote server, backups can be retrieved after physical or digital disasters.
  • Always-Available Access to Data and Applications – The ability to access applications and data anytime from any device is highly valued.  With workplace boundaries shifting and more people working from home or using mobile devices, this level of flexibility is a real benefit.
  • Cost Savings – A lower total cost to operate has been one of the most talked-about benefits of the cloud service from the beginning, which is why organizations view cost savings as the best reason to switch. Infrastructure savings (Hardware, Personnel, etc.) have the potential to save organizations thousands of dollars or more, year over year.
  • Reduction of Necessary On-Site Infrastructure – A complex IT infrastructure takes time and money to maintain and gobbles up space. Reducing physical hardware needs is a huge benefit.
  • Capacity Flexibility and Scalability – With our Cloud service, customers are allocated space and bandwidth using a formula based on their size. If a customer requires more space or greater speed, as monitored by our cloud staff, the changes can be made quickly and efficiently.
  • Higher capacity to adopt new features – With PDS Cloud operations applies your updates, you are quickly able to take advantage of new functionality.
  • Resource-ready staff– With PDS Cloud operations, your need not worry about relying on a couple of internal resources rather opting for a service division capable of scaling resources for special projects and day-to-day needs.


Why Organizations Don’t Cloud

Each type of deployment has its advantages and disadvantages, and despite all the industry hype surrounding SaaS, not all companies are convinced. That’s because when it comes to Cloud, the market still has some big concerns. Such as:

  • Security – It comes as no surprise that security is the biggest roadblock to a switch to cloud services. Whether you are private or public organization, these concerns need to be completely satisfied based on your company’s policies, procedures, and culture. PDS uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection, not the public Cloud to provide the highest level of security.
  • Integration with Current Systems – Technology can be challenging and companies have anxiety about integration challenges with their existing networks, applications and systems. This is the same challenge whether you are On-Premise or Cloud. Why not let PDS meet this challenge for you?
  • System Performance and Availability – What happens if there are technical issues? Customers may not have access to the applications and their data. PDS has always provided Technical Support whether you are On-Premise or Cloud. In addition, our Centers (TierPoint & Bell Canada) maintain multiple gateways to the Internet in order to provide the best accessibility.


Many of the concerns that are mentioned above can and should be answered through proper investigation of any contemplated switch to a service and through a review of our service level agreement (SLA). Support for all of our deployment methods will remain, so that we can continue to prove to the industry and to our customers that we are committed to being the most flexible HCM solution/service in the industry and that having a choice matters.

Dan Price
Regional Sales Manager