IRS E-services User? You’ll Now Need to Re-register

For over a year now, the IRS has been discussing the need to have E-services users re-register for security purposes. The time has finally come and now all E-services users need to re-register  in order to be able to update their TCC application or to transmit ACA files to the IRS. The process can take a little as 15 minutes to complete or as long as two weeks if the process cannot be completed electronically.

Below is the official statement from

Starting Dec. 10, 2017, all e-Services users must re-register and re-validate their identities using a more rigorous, two-factor authentication process called Secure Access.  Two-factor authentication means returning users must enter their credentials (username and password), plus a security code sent via text to a mobile phone or to the IRS2Go app on a mobile device. Two-factor authentication helps prevent e-Services accounts from being taken over by cybercriminals who may be adept at stealing passwords but are unlikely to have the user’s mobile phone. Preventing account takeovers helps protect taxpayer and tax practitioner data and helps prevent the filing of fraudulent tax returns.

Read more about how to complete the re-registration process here.

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