Vista Recruiting Series: Personalization

In today’s shortage of qualified applicants, staying ahead of your competitors is all about attracting the right people.

In this series we’ll run you through a few Recruiting features that will assist you in scoring a new hire.

    • Personalization – designing the Career Center to attract new recruits;
    • Translationspeak their language;
    • Mobileexpedite the process;
    • Rating Feature – identify qualified candidates;
    • Disposition Status – track candidates through the finish line;
    • Analytics run the numbers to improve your game.

Designing the Career Center

The key to attracting applicants is consistent employer branding and messaging. People know where they want to work from watching commercials; from personally experiencing great customer service; or possibly from purchasing a superior product.

Employer brand recognition can start with social media that may eventually lead applicants to your corporate website. When applicants hit your corporate website to further research your company, employer branding and messaging should remain consistent when investigating job opportunities.

First, and foremost, for ease of access, you want to place the link to your career center at eye level.

Next, by directing applicants to your employer branding page, you can share your company culture and possibly your mission statement.

Keeping your employer branding and messaging consistent across several platforms keeps your company foremost in the applicant’s mind. Did you know you can also share videos that provide applicants a glimpse of your company’s culture?

Once applicants land in your career center, you have another opportunity to emphasize employer branding by utilizing Vista themes. Themes can consist of colors, images, layout, fonts, etc., that you use consistently throughout your career center. Consistency allows the applicant to quickly navigate through your career center which can result in a higher number of applicants.

There are three basic components that go into creating a theme: 1) Fonts; 2) Images; and 3) Cascading Style Sheets. 

The example below depicts a standard career center layout:

In this next example, this customer implemented several different career sites based on location. Illustrated below are 2 of the 4 sites. Notice the complementary branding:

Need assistance in designing your own corporate career center, contact PDS Consulting at, or go to PDS Support and create a ticket requesting consulting.

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Andrew Bieler
HCM Implementation Specialist