Tracking COVID-19 Vaccinations and Health Tests in Vista

As we emerge from quarantine and begin adjusting to our “new normal,” employers have an important role to play. The post-lockdown world is full of new reporting requirements—from screening employees for symptoms of infection to setting return-to-work policy to tracking vaccination statuses and testing.

While this may seem like an overwhelming amount of data to collect and analyze, Vista makes it easy with a variety of new and existing tools, such as health tests and a vaccination tracker.

Previously, we shared tips on using Vista Surveys to screen employees for potential symptoms of COVID-19.

The upcoming year-end release includes a new vaccination tracker. The Vista Vaccinations feature is delivered with basic COVID-19 vaccination tracking, including the ability for employees to upload their CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card (or equivalent proof of vaccination).

Tracking Vaccinations in Vista

This new tool provides the ability to track vaccines by type. Again, this will be released in the coming weeks.

Different vaccines may have different requirements for someone to be considered “fully vaccinated.” For vaccines that require multiple shots, Vista automatically tracks whether someone is partially or fully vaccinated based on the number of shots they have recorded.

The three COVID-19 vaccines approved for us in the U.S. are delivered with this release—Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer. Clients who need to add additional vaccine types can do so. For example, Canadian clients may need to add the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Self-service employees can enter their vaccination information and upload proof of vaccination. Employees who choose to decline the vaccine or who are exempt from vaccination requirements can indicate this along with the reason for their choice.

Tracking COVID-19 Health Tests

Employers with testing requirements can use Vista Health Tests to track COVID-19 tests and results. This existing functionality is already available to Vista clients, so you can begin using Health Tests right away. Simply create a test record and, if desired, add additional questions or user fields.

As an example, you may create weekly or monthly COVID-19 tests, depending on your requirements. Or, you may specify one-off tests that can be assigned when an employee is flagged as part of your contact tracing procedures.

Testing User Fields allow you to track virtually any additional information related to health tests. Simply establish codes for the data you want to record, and then assign them to the employee test records.

When a test is scheduled, it will automatically display on the employee’s calendar. You can also enter a specific time for the test and, if a follow-up test is required, set that date as well. You may optionally choose to send a reminder email or text message when the test is scheduled.

Employees can view and accept scheduled tests through the Event Calendar.


Either instead of or in addition to using Health Tests, you can use Vista Documents to track employee test results. Simply create a create a document security option for COVID-19 Test Results. This provides an easy way for self-service employees to upload their own COVID-19 test results at regular intervals.

With Vista 7.1.5, we are introducing the ability to Documents (Security Option ID: 40) to workflow access. This allows managers to review and approve employee document uploads, such as regular COVID-19 test results.

The vaccination tracker and workflow access for Vista Documents will be available in our upcoming U.S. Year-End Release (Vista 7.1.5).

In the meantime, you can download the relevant documentation from the Vista 7 Quick Guides page of the PDS Support Center website—Tracking Vaccinations in Vista, Tracking COVID-19 Health Tests, and How to Add a COVID-19 Employee Survey.

Emily Harris
Documentation Specialist II| PDS