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As we emerge from quarantine and begin adjusting to our “new normal,” employers have an important role to play. The post-lockdown world is full of new reporting requirements—from screening employees for symptoms of infection to setting return-to-work policy to tracking vaccination statuses and testing. While this may seem like an overwhelming amount of data to…

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As discussed in the previous article, you’ll need to decide on and document your photo policies and standards before rolling out employee photos in Vista. Now that you’ve developed and documented an approach to navigating these challenges in your organization, it’s time to implement your plan by configuring setup and security to accomplish your goals.…

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Using HR Technology to Engage Employees Using HR Technology to Engage Employees

As published on HRMS World. Attracting and retaining good talent is a continuous struggle for companies today. Employee engagement and employee experience are two recent trends that go hand-in-hand to help companies address this challenge. By engaging employees and making them feel a part of the organization, they are more likely to have a positive…

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