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Flexible work, continued digital transformation, and taxation compliance are the top benefits to achieve in effective payroll software. In our latest whitepaper, we discuss the importance of payroll software keeping pace with flexible business models, payroll accessibility for employees, and the increased efficiency of using digital payroll technologies. Download Payroll and Digital Transformation for free!

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Trends for this year include a bigger push for hybrid working, a focus on employee well-being, and a drive for digital transformation. Employers and employees alike increasingly prefer a hybrid work model, and many companies have already implemented a “productivity anywhere” workforce. In our latest whitepaper, we explore the latest trends affecting the workplace in…

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In our latest free resource, we discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on businesses and share tips for addressing these challenges. The past two years have forced businesses to act quickly and become more agile in their decision making. Frequent changes to business and employee processes have called for more efficient and effective technology. The COVID-19…

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Download our free whitepaper: Human Resources and Crisis Management Download our free whitepaper: Human Resources and Crisis Management

A crisis in the workplace can happen anywhere and at any time. It can disrupt to a certain industry with a shortage of goods, a natural disaster, or affect the entire world like a global pandemic. HR must ensure all departments are ready and have a plan in place to deal with any major event…

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Cloud-based HCM systems are proving to be increasingly important and widely accepted as the world and technology continue to rapidly evolve. Whether you track and manage all your necessary HR functions with an online software solution or even via Microsoft Excel, physical threats and security vulnerabilities are everywhere. Moving to the cloud can guard against…

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The last year brought technology, security, and processes to the forefront for payroll professionals. Some on-premise systems proved inaccessible for remote workers and quick changes were needed. IT departments worked overtime to ensure all the systems could be administered from home. This showcased the need for digitized payroll systems even more. Efficiency, accuracy, and protection…

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The goal of every business is to reduce costs and increase revenue. With the lasting impact of COVID-19, the biggest emerging trend is focusing on how to leverage technology and accelerate performance. Our latest whitepaper looks at the importance of having a centralized HCM system that provides full visibility of your workforce, assists with managing…

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