HCM Built for You

PDS has built technology for you that matches your specific needs in a personalized manner. Whether you need:
     • Recruiting
     • Human Resources
     • Benefits
     • Payroll
or a full range of other HR services, we care about your human capital management needs on a granular level.

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Human Resources

Provides the tools to streamline the management of your employee population using the latest technologies.


Eliminate the need to purchase and integrate stand-alone systems to manage your workforce.


Our payroll software has the tools you need to streamline the management of your U.S. or Canadian employee population.


Recruiters can easily manage their requisitioning process, while leveraging the pre-defined organization structure.


Organizations can measure and analyze the data within our solution for strategic, corporate success and easily streamline that information into vital decision-making tools.


Empower your staff, whether your workforce accesses our solution through a computer, tablet, smartphone, or even through your secured site from their home computer!

Time and Attendance

Vista Time® goes beyond when your workforce demands it! Manage your workforce's time effectively with time, project and absentee collection and our enhanced, cloud-based time-and-attendance tool.


Because you need the ability to manage the approval processes for employee transactions, monitor transaction activity, and reroute activity when necessary.


The right combination of technology and functionality allows employees from various departments to do their jobs better.

One Powerful, Easy-To-Harness Business Tool

PDS serves a variety of organizations in many different industries, including professional services, finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, utilities, transportation, hospitality, education, government, and others. Companies with U.S. and Canadian employees are able to take advantage of the benefits of our intelligent, cross-border, single-database architecture. Although it’s a single integrated HCM solution, the individual components can be deployed in phases according to your particular needs.

Download our free tools that will help you justify your HCM purchase

"Justifying Your HCM and Payroll Purchase" PowerPoint Presentation

You know you need a new system. Where do you start to justify the purchase to your executive team, and how do you begin the process? This presentation is an invaluable tool to guide you. Download it to learn the path you'll take to determine the corporate value of a new system, and how to justify, research, and calculate the ROI for your purchase.

"Four Ways to Justify Your New HCM and Payroll Purchase" Whitepaper

Whether you’re just beginning your HCM search or reevaluating your current system, this report will help you calculate ROI to justify HCM costs, measure “hard” versus “soft” dollars, and audit your organization’s risk reduction.

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Calculate your ROI savings through transactions and process efficiencies, and see savings by department.

A secure HCM platform

All the pieces of our HCM - recruiting, human resources, benefits, payroll, time and attendance, self-service, workflow, analytics and extensive reporting - come together to simplify your business practices and processes.

Our safe and secure HCM platform — whether cloud-based or on-premise — crushes even the most complex problems. PDS delivers HCM solutions across the entire employee life cycle with innovative technology that is personalized for user and business needs. Most important, our HCM solutions are backed by a team of experts who know your name.


“What I like best about Vista is the ease of use, their outstanding functional and technical consulting expertise, customizable/icon-driven self-service pages, manager dashboard and analytics, and the security features.”

Carrie Meier, HR Business Analyst, Idaho State Insurance Fund

“Vista handles a wide array of functions, and can be customized to do most anything you could think of with the flexible Enterprise Service job features.”

Nathan Husson, IT Network Operations Manager, Penquis/MOMCAP

“Lee County Clerk’s Payroll and the Lee County Board of County Commissioners printed close to 5,000 1095-C versa seal forms for our 4 companies that we process payroll for, 2 retiree companies and 12 companies that we do not pay, but are on the BOCC’s benefit plans. We could not have accomplished such a feat if it were not for the terrific support we had from PDS.”

Barbara Cobb, Lee County Clerk of Courts

“Applying product updates to Vista is very easy. The PDS maintenance tool is called VistaFresh. You click a button and watch it download relevant updates, while not overwriting any custom changes that we have identified. Now, that’s simple!”

Susan Shaw, Clark Public Utilities

“We needed an integrated, in-house system to handle our HR, payroll, and benefits functions. Vista was the only enterprise system that truly met all of our needs.”

Meribeth Carter, Director of HR Operations, Norton Rose Fulbright U.S. LLP

“The PDS Support team is always a pleasure to work with. They are very knowledgeable, patient and fun to work with!”

Catherine White, Community Health Center of Snohomish County

“My background is tax, so when ACA fell under the tax code, I was asked to handle this for our employees. PDS did a great job at showing us various items that are available and did a nice walk through, which was extremely helpful and gave us a better understanding of how all the modules work together.”

Christine Patz, Penn United Technology