Vista 3.0.1 in Production!


Two PDS clients recently went into production with the latest version of Vista 3.0.1. I’d like to extend our “Congratulations” and our “Thanks” to both clients who worked closely with PDS over the past months to improve and fine-tune the release. The feedback that they’ve provided PDS will be beneficial to the many customers that are currently in the upgrade process.


Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. in Houston, Texas went “live” on February 16th, after many months of careful planning and testing. A smooth transition was made from the Vista 2.4 release to the Vista 3.0.1 browser platform. The user community had participated in testing of the new version over the past few months and made the switch without any big surprises.


Many of the comments from the user community involved the improved navigation and additional access to information. We were delighted to hear: ‘I appreciate the layout and all the nifty information on the first page. I really appreciate the thought put into the breakdown of categories.’, ’Very cool! Looks pretty easy to navigate. I like the new added info.’ and ‘I love the navigation. It's much easier to use.


Just this past December, Fulbright & Jaworski was chosen as one of five companies selected for the “World's Most E-Savvy Human Resource Organizations” and was featured in the December issue of Human Resource Executive Magazine. We are quite proud of the role that the Vista product plays in helping the firm automate their processes. We are delighted to see one of our customers leverage Vista so effectively, and to be recognized makes it all the better! Congratulations Fulbright & Jaworski!


On February 23rd, Central New York Regional Transit Authority in Syracuse, NY migrated from the Vista 1.5.1 version to the Vista 3.0.1 browser environment. Though the upgrade took longer than they had originally planned they are now very pleased with the result! The project team commented on ‘The ease of use in administering the system, and setting up a new user. It’s the simplest program we have!


When asked ‘what was the most painful part of the process?’ the users agreed that the conversion process, though automated, required multiple steps that had to be performed each time they migrated their data. Their database was converted using the PDS conversion utilities prior to each parallel test of the new version. They reduced the risk of errors by developing a checklist of procedures that even included new data fields that they had to setup each time. The project team thanked the PDS staff and said that ‘the level of support during the upgrade was outstanding!


Congratulations to CENTRO for becoming the first Vista 1.5.1 client to upgrade to Vista 3.0.1!


Another PDS client, Smucker Foods of Canada is scheduled to go into production with the Vista 3.0.1 release in May of this year. Other active upgrade projects include the City of Boulder, Lee County Clerk of Courts, Rockefeller Foundation, Whayne Supply, Tube Processing, City of Reading, City of Laurel, and IMA Financial Group.


Pat Palmer

Senior VP and Product Manager



PDS and the PDS User Group Association

March 2005 Newsletter