Here at Discovery Insurance Company, we have initiated the process to install Vista 7 with PDS. We are looking forward to using Vista 7. Why you might ask? Well Vista 7 platform will improve our production and allow us to the opportunity to quickly see information at our finger tips. Keep reading and see if you can guess why I titled the article “A Teaser for the Magnificent Seven”.

The conference in September 2017 gave those of you who attended a hint or a teaser of the wonderful things to come with Vista 7. It even gave you the opportunity to see, train, and think about the best way to apply and implement the upgrade to take the best advantage of the Vista 7 platform. Not feeling secure about this? Don’t worry! Vista 7 will defend your employees’ data with further improvements made to Security. Along with the new access types for key structures such as companies, organizations, and locations many new features are offered for complete personalization of security groups, and when needed, individual users with their own exceptions.

No need to feel lost, Vista 7 has you covered! It is like visiting a life-long friend you have not seen in years. As soon as you see each other, you are instantly the best of friends and can pick up as if you had never left. Vista 7 gives you this too! Vista 7 remembers where you were when you last visited a page. It will save you time and clicks returning to the screen you need.

If you are still feeling like you have dug yourself into a fox hole. Don’t worry Vista 7 knows the drill! Vista 7 gives you the ability to drill on information for a quick retrieval of the details you need. This feature is sure to save you time and offer you a quick detail reference of information.

A little dizzy from all the changes? Not to worry. To insure you have the care you need, Vista 7 offers improvements to the Benefits page! There is additional flexibility to lock down content when necessary while providing access to the Current Enrollment and Open Enrollment page directly from the Benefits page.

Are you ready to start using the latest Vista Analytics tools? We’re just getting started in this area, but we recognize the benefits of this powerful tool and are looking forward to learning more at the upcoming conference.  We here at Discovery Insurance are looking forward to using all the features incorporated in Vista 7: Reporting, Documents, Electronic Signatures, Engagement, Vista Fresh, Easy Ask, and Exporting!

One of the key reasons I’m looking forward to the conference event is that I plan to participate in a number of workshops. PDS UGA conference workshops are designed to provide customers with hands-on experience working with a variety of Vista topics. Next year’s event will feature instructor-led workshops that cover a broad range of Vista product features, as well as optional self-study workshops that participants can go through on their own. Where else will I have the benefit of hands-on instruction with helpers guiding me when I have questions?

As mentioned this is just A Teaser for the Magnificent Seven. Stay tuned! You are sure to hear more about the Magnificent Seven in the months to come! Hope to see you at the 2019 UGA Conference!

Crystal Hudler
Senior Accountant & Payroll Specialist
Discovery Insurance Company