Have you given any thought yet to what resources in your organization will be needed to deliver year-end ACA 1095-C forms to your employees?

Will your benefits department or your payroll department be printing them?

Will you be stuffing them in the same envelopes as W-2s or folding them into their own envelopes?

Are you even allowed to combine them?

Do you have a pressure-seal printer to make the job easier?

Will you instead be paying an outside service to handle your printing and mailing?

Will you continue reading these questions?


With that introduction, you might think that this article will explain the printing options that will be offered in Vista. But, much to the chagrin of our paper forms vendor/partners, I will instead review electronic delivery so that you don’t have to answer the above questions.

So here’s the predicament: You are your company’s benefits manager and you’re responsible for sending out 1095-Cs. Your payroll manager refuses to let you combine your efforts with her W-2 deliveries because she already has her procedure down pat and/or she’s already delivering them electronically. According to the IRS regulations, as with W-2’s, you may furnish 1095-C forms electronically if you first obtain affirmative electronic consent to do so. Unfortunately, you must obtain consent for 1095-C electronic delivery separate from any other electronic delivery consent, so if you’ve previously gotten consent for electronic delivery of W-2 forms, that does not apply to 1095-Cs. (Technically, you are allowed to send the same request for each form, but the employee must separately consent for each.)

In this article, we provided a Vista HRMS workflow that you can use to obtain affirmative consent for electronic W-2 delivery. Today we have updated that workflow so that you can solicit consent for both W-2 and 1095-C electronic consent.

As with the original workflow, you will be able to launch the flow to any subset of your employees (including all or just one), let them select their delivery options, and then have the flow update the Vista HRMS database with their choices and date. You will also be able to review who has completed the flow (and with which responses) and who has ignored it.

Click on the appropriate link below for instructions and scripts to install, test, and launch the flow in your system.

Click here for the SQL Server environment packet.

Click here for the Oracle environment packet.

If you have any questions, please call PDS Support.  The sooner you start this process, the easier it will be for you when 1095-C season comes around.

Marco Padovani
Senior Development Manager