During our Vista 7 migration, we at Whayne Supply Company decided to embrace our company’s brand culture and personalize Vista with our color scheme and imagery. One of our primary goals of rolling out our new look was to increase employee self-service usage by making pages that were familiar to them and easy to navigate. We started with the login page, creating our own branding which changes the reference from Vista to My HR & Payroll.

Next, we moved to our self-service page. Continuing with the My HR & Payroll branding, we incorporated specialized icons that would be familiar but also easy to navigate.

Then, we updated the webpages with third-party website links as well as commonly used HR, benefits, and payroll forms with the goal of having everything easily accessible for our employees in one location.

Since rolling out our new look, we have successfully completed open enrollment and our HR, benefits, and payroll teams have already experienced a significant reduction in email and phone requests to change employee addresses and phone numbers. We polled some employees for feedback on the new pages and the response has been overwhelmingly positive! Below are a few highlights:

  • I think My HR & Payroll is very user-friendly. The icons on self-service make viewing specific requests very easy.
  • Everyone was easily able to find the Open Enrollment icon.
  • Very easy to navigate the system.

PDS offers lots of ways you can personalize Vista which are relatively easy and fast to implement. If you’ve been thinking about personalizing Vista but need help getting started, email PDS Services or log in to the PDS Support Center website for more information.

Melissa Lilly
Business Systems Specialist
Whayne Supply & Walker Machinery