The onboarding component of Vista’s integrated HCM solution is called Vista Onboarding, which is included with Vista HR at no additional cost for a limited time. Deploying Vista Onboarding allows your organization to establish consistency and clarity with each new hire by providing educational content, governmental and benefit forms, and assignments to upload documents. Both the administrator and new hire can view the progress and tasks can be kicked off to relevant employees.

What Is Onboarding?

Onboarding refers to the process of integrating new hires into your organization. This process varies by organization and is designed to help your newest employees smoothly transition into well-adjusted and effective team members. During onboarding, new hires are introduced to your company and its culture as well as the specifics of their new roles. This type of prehire engagement increases employee satisfaction and retention.

Our Onboarding Solutions

Vista Onboarding is our fully-integrated product that includes a user portal you can personalize to fit your organization’s needs. Setup screens within Vista HR and delivered eForms allow you to collect important data from your new hires. Clients with an eSign integration can obtain electronic signatures on these forms, as needed.

Customers who require more sophistication than our out-of-the-box solution can purchase the EMPTrust Onboarding Connector, which synchronizes Vista with our partner EMPTrust’s Employee Onboarding solution. This is a simple push/pull integration that supports onboarding records originating either through EMPTrust or Vista. During the onboarding process, maintenance is performed within EMPTrust’s system and activity within EMPTrust can be monitored through Vista for this pending new hire. Once onboarding is complete, the new hire’s data is pulled back into Vista and the employee can be hired. Many customers, particularly those with high turnover and complex needs, have already partnered with EMPTrust to deliver their onboarding solution, which we will continue to support.

Vista Onboarding

Use Vista Onboarding to introduce your company to your incoming new hires. A virtual checklist guides onboarding employees through the process of entering their information, filling out forms, and more.

Onboarding setup is easily accessible within HR Management. From here, you can establish the documents your future employees should upload and the forms they must complete prior to being hired (e.g., W-4, TD1, etc.). Create an FAQ page, embed virtual versions of company documents, and create your own pre-employment tests and surveys.

Because Vista Onboarding is part of Vista, you can access existing tools within the system. HR users can easily manage pending new hires, view their onboarding progress in real time, and communicate reminders and help where appropriate.


The PDS Support Center website includes a variety of resources for both of our onboarding solutions. For Vista Onboarding, specifically, navigate to the Onboarding and eForms page. Here, you’ll find a link to the recording of last week’s Vista Onboarding and eForms webinar, video demonstrations, documentation, FAQs, and more!

In our next article, we’ll discuss the five project phases of implementing Vista Onboarding.

Emily Harris
Documentation Specialist II | PDS