When you think about team building you may wonder what an HCM solution has to do with it. Most of us think about those team building activities we set up for our employees to help them get to know each other better, such as sporting events, office competitions, escape rooms, go-kart racing, or volunteering, to name a few.

These types of team building activities are all valuable ways to bring people together, build trust, increase communications and improve collaboration, which will boost employee morale and increase their motivation. As a result, organizations will see an increase in productivity, that can positively impact their bottom line.

The challenge for so many organizations in today’s mobile society, is that teams often consist of employees that are not all in the same location. It makes it difficult to involve all the team members in internal competitions or special events.

This is where the HCM can come into play. The more advanced solutions, like Vista, provide tools to facilitate and coordinate teams, engage employees, and enhance their overall experiences. Vista enables teams to keep track of their goals, tasks they want to accomplish, items they want to discuss, and more. For example, team members can post reminders view each other’s calendars all from one central location.

Not only are HCM solutions enhancing communication and collaboration among team members, they are also eliminating the feeling of working in a silo. Whether an employee works from home or at a satellite location, they can easily see what is happening throughout the company, within a department, view company or department goals, or just see what events are coming up. HCM solutions can bring everyone together across the organization, help get everyone on the same page and mitigate conflict. If employees feel more comfortable expressing their needs and concerns, the effectiveness of their team’s ability to communicate will be enhanced.

And, with tools like Vista’s “Employee Directory,” employees can put a face with the name and learn more about their co-workers through employee profiles, calendars, and feedback features. In addition, the team “wall” (similar to Facebook), employees can engage with each other, building relationships and cultivating better experiences for everyone.

Unlike traditional team building activities that happen once and are later forgotten, your HCM provides the opportunity to make team building part of your employees’ daily routines. Leveraging your HCM to engage your employees more can prove extremely valuable in building positive energy throughout your company. A good company culture can go a long way to boosting your bottom line.

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