With the deadline for EEO1 (Equal Employment Opportunity) Reporting coming up, our Customer Support team wants to make sure we are providing as much assistance to customers running EEO Processing in Vista as possible. Previously a number of changes were proposed to the EEO1 reporting format with a revised deadline of March 31st 2018. The changes to the format have since been put on hold, but the revised deadline remains.

PDS Customer Support has observed some common questions via your support calls and wanted to address some of the most frequently troublesome topics.

EEO Error/Audit reports:

The EEO Error report will list any information that is MISSING from an employee’s record. The EEO Audit report will offer a breakdown of employees by federal job category and personnel status. These have the potential to be incorrect if there had been a change to an employee’s status or position during the reporting period, so it is important to review both reports to obtain a complete audit of your EEO data.

If the error or audit report shows either incorrect or missing information for any of the following data fields, the correction will need to be made on the history tables:
-Pay Company
-Federal Job Category
-Employee ID
-Personnel Status
-Hire date
-Rehire date
-Termination date

EEO Statement report:

The required answers to questions 1, 2, and 3 are listed on the EEO Statement report:

  1. Question 1 asks if the total number of employees in the establishment is greater than 99. If greater than 99, this will be answered with a “Y”
  2. Question 2 asks if the company is affiliated with other entities with 100 or more employees. If so, this will be answered with a “Y”. This can be changed from the EEO Companies Human Resources setup tables.
  3. Question 3 asks if this EEO Company employs 50 or more people. This can be changed from the EEO Companies Human Resources setup tables.

General Data Maintenance:

Personnel statuses that can be selected are flagged with an EEO Employment type of either full time or part time. These can be changed in the “Personnel Status” setup table in the Human Resource application.

Race/ethnicity codes and federal job categories are defined by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and therefore should NOT be modified in the system. Vista’s EEO processing is hard coded to utilize a specific set of federal job categories and race/ethnicity codes.

Successful EEO reporting in Vista is entirely dependent on keeping good data. If you have been terminating/hiring employees in a timely manner and ensuring personnel data is entered correctly for federal job category, race, gender and personnel status then reporting is as simple as a push of a button! (That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be checking those audit and error reports to verify your data). If this is your organization’s  first year running EEO reporting in Vista, please do not hesitate to reach out to support if you’re running into anomalies or are unsure of how data is being pulled onto the report.

We also suggest keeping track of the types of activities that cause your issues and consider ways that you might avoid the issue in the future, or at least uncover issues earlier. For example, if you found that some new position groups were missing a Federal Job Category, make it a practice to add the correct Federal Job Category whenever a new position group is added so it will be included in EEO reporting,

As a reminder, Vista’s Issue Detective is a fully customizable tool and can be configured to check for missing data such as the Federal Job Category data issue above, but it can do much more! Consider adding additional tests to audit for your own data needs. We are always looking to add new notifications to base system, so if you have a good idea or have created a notification that works particularly well for your organization, it may be considered for an addition to base system!

If you haven’t done so already, we strongly recommend watching the EEO videos on the PDS Support site to acclimate yourself with the EEO process in Vista. These are start to finish overviews of EEO Setup and Processing. See the image below to view the navigation link to view the PDS Video Library.

Adam Bonanni
Customer Support Representative