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Our Goal Is to Be the Best at HCM

Our staff members have character, ability, productivity, and creativity… and a great sense of humor. We are really proud of them—they work hard every day to bring our customers great service and software with a smile.

We’re Problem Solvers Who Move Fast

A word we often use at PDS is agility. Our software is agile, but so is our staff. They act quickly to answer questions and provide solutions. Our customers are grateful for this—it helps us help them faster.

Respect Is Our Cornerstone

The cornerstone of a positive working relationship is mutual respect—respect by the company for the dignity of the individual, and respect by the individual for the company’s goals and its obligations toward customers.

A Qualified Partner Who Is There for You

Our team understands that having an experienced and qualified partner will allow you, the customer, to make the most efficient use of your financial and human resources. We know how to succeed in this environment – and the first and most important step is to deploy the industry’s best resources.

PDS employs an experienced team of managers, developers, support consultants, trainers, account managers, and implementation consultants. Collectively, we possess over 500 years of experience in the human resources and payroll information systems industry.

HCM and Service with You at the Center

You’re being challenged to align your business goals, employee goals, and management goals to the overall company strategy and direction for the future. Let us help you.

PDS’ experienced team can provide you with the tool to help you meet those goals. Our team can enable you to link people, strategy, and performance to become more profitable company-wide.

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What Our Customers Say

“I love the friendliness and willingness of PDS staff to help with any questions or issues you might have.”

Mary Skidmore, Penn United Technology

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