PDS Continues our Commitment to the Canadian Market

The concept of outsourcing is old hat for PDS. Since the mid-1980s, when it was called Timesharing into the 1990’s, when it was called Application Server Provider (ASP) Services and now today, what PDS calls our Application Managed Services Operation or Cloud offering. PDS has never lost its main customer driven focus: “To provide an in-house feel with the advantages of an outsourced deployment” Thus, PDS has given its customers, for the last 3 decades, the ability to have complete control of their data and HR, Benefits, and Payroll processes without the burden to their corporate IT staff. Effective April 1, 2014, PDS Canada Corp. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of PDS) has launched a Cloud operation in partnership with Bell/Q9 of Toronto, ON. This operation will mirror the same successful co-location relationship PDS Hosting has with partner TierPoint in the U.S. This expansion of hosting services completes PDS’ ability to provide a true North American HRIS/Payroll solution which offers the most flexible choices of deployments. That is, On-premise, Licensed Hosted or SaaS. More importantly, it satisfies the Privacy Legislation laws in Canada. PDS Canada Corp. has experienced a large number of sales opportunities which desire to have their next generation HCM Solution in the Cloud. Several existing customers have inquired about our cloud services. Just like the U.S. Data Center, PDS Canada Corp. will address the full spectrum of enterprise HR/Benefits/Payroll needs while providing administrators with new levels of flexibility, control, and visibility. Uniquely, our standard deployment regardless of delivery method provides four environments (Training, TEST, PROD, and Recruiting), this flexibility creates a means for all customers to be assured that proper testing and training can be performed without the worry of interruptions. Since it is delivered via Application Managed Services/Cloud, PDS automatically applies enhancements/compliance updates/fixes to your TEST environment. Customers are able to review and test those updates and then authorize the move from TEST into their PROD/production environment. This hybrid approach empowers our customers to act on their time-table within the current quarter and not one “scheduled” (directed) for you. Since our first Canadian customer in 1983, PDS has been committed to the Canadian marketplace. With the expanded cloud services, we expect to see additional new Canadian-based customers and existing Canadian-based customers take advantage of the delivered managed service offerings of PDS CANADA Corp.
Dan Price Regional Sales Manager PDS dprice@pdssoftware.com