It’s that time of the year again! Time to start thinking about employee performance reviews. If you are not yet conducting your performance reviews using Vista, there is no time like the present to step back and evaluate your current process.

Ask yourself
A good way to audit your process is to think about some of your standard practices.

  • Are you still conducting reviews using pen and paper?
  • Are reviews different across the organization? Do they vary by role?
  • Who participates in the review process?
  • Do you do self-reviews?
  • Do you want each manager to record their own review comments?
  • Who approves the review? Are there multiple approvers?
  • Do you want employees to sign off on their reviews once complete?
  • Do you collect employee goals within Vista?
  • Do you provide access to performance and goal information for your employees?

Regardless of your company culture and practices, Vista can help you optimize performance reviews. With Vista, you can perform standardized reviews, reviews by role, peer reviews, and more. Whether your managers own the reviews or your employees participate in their own self-reviews, these updates accommodate your review process.

Each HR department is different in the way they conduct reviews for their company. In some organizations, employees access an interactive wizard to step through each appraisal of the review process. Others prefer a packaged review form that can be completed by managers at one time.

Vista makes it easy
In order to streamline the creation of reviews, we developed a job that generates reviews for groups of people. Using the input parameters, you can launch anything from individual self-appraisals to complete 360-degree feedback reviews. Vista includes a sample workflow template that may be a basis for your own performance review process flow. You can download the review workflow template documentation by clicking here. The workflow template allows employees without Self-Service access to complete reviews through an emailed link. You can also require employees to sign off on completed reviews to ensure they’ve read manager feedback.

Additionally, 9-Box Performance Reviews and the capability to create custom review matrices are also available in Vista. You can use the 9-Box Performance Review to map out your employees’ potential for advancement and create employee assessments based on the dimensions that best suit your company or department. The standard 9-Box Performance Review, which you can learn more about in this Performance Reviews & 9-Box blog post, can be used on its own or as a guide to creating additional appraisal comparisons.

Keep us in the Loop
This performance review process is the direct effect of customer communication and feedback.  Your feedback is vital to our development process and has allowed us to develop a robust set of tools for performance reviews, eliminating the need for third-party review software.

The more we know about how you use reviews (and the rest of Vista), the more equipped we are to provide product enhancements that suit your needs in the future. Have an idea? Let us know! These open lines of communication we share will continue to play a vital part in the development of Vista.

Want to learn more? Click here to log in to the PDS Support site and visit the Video Library to search and view the performance review videos.