As with most things today, if you have a question or need, somebody somewhere has probably already addressed it. More specifically, when it comes to your organization’s analytics needs, someone has probably already answered whatever questions you have about which analytics to use or how to create them.

So why start from scratch, reinventing the wheel every time you have an idea for a new analytics project? Vista Analytics comes with over 150 analytics that we created. These delivered analytics handle the needs of teams across your organization—from recruiting to HR to benefits to payroll and more! They also showcase the many different ways that you can leverage the Vista Analytics toolkit. In addition, the PDS Services team has worked with many different organizations to create and implement their own unique analytics and dashboards.

To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research.

–Wallace Notestein, probably*

Whatever your needs are, start by exploring the library of PDS-delivered analytics. There, you’ll find examples of analytics that are similar to your business needs, some that are similar to your data needs, and others that match your presentation needs. Use them as starting points to get you 10%, 50%, or even 90% of the way to your goal. And, don’t forget to use your PDS representatives and fellow customers as resources. Chances are, someone has been down this road before and can give you advice that will help cut down on your creation time and give you ideas to make your analytics more effective than you initially conceived.

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Marco Padovani
Senior Development Manager | PDS

Emily Harris
Documentation Specialist II| PDS

*Ironically, this quote has been plagiarized so many times that its origin is a bit murky.