Often a user wants to look at the same type of information, but focus on one subset of the data while at another time focus on another. Vista Analytics makes it easy to incorporate filtering prompts so users can select their data subsets. For example, if you divide your overall enterprise into multiple pay companies, you might want to analyze headcounts or engagement metrics separately for each (where the user can simply select another company to see the next set of data).

Here we’ve given the user control to filter the reviews going into the pie chart by specifying their completed dates.

If you already utilize Crystal of Vista EasyAsk to view statistics/data, you can easily convert those reports or queries into a Vista analytic. Learn how with these helpful VistaFlix videos on the Support Site:

  • How to Create an Analytic from a Crystal Report
  • How to Create an Analytic from an EasyAsk Query

You’ll need your PDS Support user name and password to access.

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Marco Padovani
Senior Development Manager