Know where your recruits are within the selection cycle. Are they in review, interview, offer, references, etc. Knowing your recruit’s disposition will help you to identify where the bottleneck is, in scoring a new hire.

You define the steps within your own selection cycle – excluding Applied and Hired – these steps are PDS defined.

Then you can limit the Disposition Status field to display only the statuses that logically make sense in the next step of your selection process.

In this example, after an applicant applies for a position, the next 2 steps in the cycle will be limited to Review and Interview.

The result – when an applicant applies to a position, the Disposition Status field options are limited to the 2 next steps you selected – in this example Review and Interview.

To monitor where your applicants are in the recruiting cycle, check out the Applicants by Disposition analytic.

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Andrew Bieler
HCM Implementation Specialist