Vista 7 Payroll is an ongoing project at PDS to enhance all of the Payroll functionality offered with Vista. This includes behind the scenes technical updates, as well as front end enhancements to make your payrolls faster and your life easier.

Process improvements

Vista 7 Payroll includes a slew of enhancements that will reduce processing time and simplify running payroll. The Payroll Update Phase has been made obsolete by our new and updated payroll engine, which will reduce processing time significantly. Additionally, the new Payroll Queue feature will make sure we only spend time processing employees if their payroll setup has changed. These and many other features will save you time, and we know time is money!

Simplified maintenance

By consolidating all of our payroll accumulator data into Pay History, we have removed the requirement to create and maintain year-end or quarter-end environments. This coupled with our new effective-dated tax processing will allow you to work out of a single production environment and save your IT department time!

New features

There are plenty of new features available in Vista 7 Payroll to give you more control over payroll calculations and better insight into the results of payroll processing.

  • Pay period calendars are now integrated into batch header setup to make every pay cycle easier to configure
  • The new Generic Tax, Defined Contribution, and Garnishment Rule setup tables provide much more control over specific taxes, retirement deductions, and wage attachments.
  • Our Current Pay pages give you immediate access to Payroll processing results, without leaving the Vista application!

Stay tuned!

In future posts, we will drill down into specific features and enhancements. If you’re live on Vista 7 and interested in volunteering for the Vista 7 Payroll Beta, please log in to the PDS Service Center. Create a new Customer Support ticket and select “Vista 7 Payroll Beta Request” from the Application field. PDS will provide the beta documentation and additional components needed to participate in an early review of Vista 7 payroll. 

Attending PDS 2019 UGA in Naples, FL? You’ll have opportunity to learn even more about the new payroll. Check out the Conference Highlights to see when The New Payroll Experience, Vista’s New Payroll Processing, and more are scheduled. Hope to see you there!

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Ben Alaniz
Software Specialist III | PDS