The Payroll Queue is a new feature available with Vista 7 Payroll that identifies when payroll-related changes are made to a given employee. Normally, a Payroll Validation Phase includes all employees that match the batch header. Subsequent runs reprocess each employee, even if their payroll setup hasn’t changed. Running a Payroll Validation Phase in Queue Mode tells Vista to only process employees in the queue.

Fully Automated

Vista tracks your activity and maintains the Payroll Queue while you work. Any time a pay rate change is made, Vista places the affected employee(s) in the queue. If an employee’s timecard is updated, added, or deleted, Vista adds them to the queue. Basically, Vista detects any changes that will affect an employee’s payroll output and places them in the queue.

Additionally, larger changes might result in multiple employees being added to the queue. For example, if a tax update is applied after an initial Payroll Validation Phase, all employees will be placed in the queue.

Detailed Change List

In addition to tracking who should be processed, the Payroll Queue records why the employee was selected for reprocessing. Every time an employee is placed in the Payroll Queue, Vista records information about the change that was made. When you schedule a subsequent Payroll Validation, Vista shows who is being reprocessed and what changes were made to their records.

Optional, but Encouraged

The Payroll Queue is designed to reduce the run-times of payroll processing, but we understand there are times when it should be ignored. Maybe your HR department already started entering new hires for the next pay period that shouldn’t be included in your current validations. These employees will automatically be placed in the Payroll Queue, but you can choose to remove them from the queue if necessary.

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If you’re live on Vista 7 and interested in volunteering for the Vista 7 Payroll Beta, please log in to the PDS Service Center. Create a new Customer Support ticket and select “Vista 7 Payroll Beta Request” from the Application field. PDS will provide the beta documentation and additional components needed to participate in an early review of Vista 7 payroll. 

Ben Alaniz
Software Specialist III | PDS