Are you thinking about moving Vista to the cloud?  Here at Lezzer Lumber we recently made the decision to move Vista in the cloud.  For us moving to the cloud was a long-term strategic decision and we recognized that implementing now made the most sense.

But you may be asking yourself, why did we make the move to the cloud since we’ve been running Vista successfully on premise since 2013?  After much internal deliberation, it became obvious what direction we needed to take and below are our 5 main reasons for us to move Vista to the cloud:

  1. Managing Updates – since our main IT person’s focus has changed, we now have to rely on our consultant to process the Vista updates.  The delays in doing these updates from our end has had a major effect on payroll processing, (i.e. most recently, local tax update).  It all comes down to a timing issue and meeting deadlines.  We’re also looking forward to taking advantage of new features as soon as they become available now that PDS will fully manage all updates for Lezzer Lumber.
  2. Administering Security – better feeling that PDS is more secure; the PDS Cloud disaster recovery system is a part of our Service Level Agreement.  This is a huge relief to us and our IT department.
  3. Customer Service/ Support – PDS is readily available to assist via phone or online support and now troubleshooting becomes a single source with PDS.  Any customs we have (i.e. PTO) will be known by the PDS team, rather than just relying our consultant.
  4. Convenience – of the cloud for IT issues, database backup and periodic maintenance.  PDS Cloud Services will take care of this automatically and our IT can focus on projects and other strategic corporate initiatives.
  5. Financial – cost comparison of using our consultant versus the annual fee for PDS services of being cloud based.  The results from our financial analysis made the decision to move to the cloud easy.

We’re thankful to have PDS as our strategic partner and enjoy working with our HCM Implementation Specialist, Gareth, through this process and moving forward.

Lezzer HR/ Payroll Team
Lezzer Holdings, Inc.