Payroll Built for You

The Vista® Payroll component is designed for companies that require reliable, efficient, but complex payroll functionality.


Payroll Features That Make Your Job Easier

Vista Payroll strikes the perfect balance between power and simplicity. With its high-performance capabilities and design efficiency, you can process large volumes of data within tight time constraints, whether U.S., Canadian, or Caribbean.

Vista Payroll is focused on its main tasks of calculating pay, creating paychecks, producing payroll registers, and federal, state, local, and provincial tax reports. At PDS, we devote special attention to designing comprehensive functions to automate your special requirements for manual checks, check reversal, relocation expenses, retroactive pay increases, wage attachments, and labor charge overrides.


Some of the key Vista Payroll administrator features include:

  • Time Collection, Calendars and Auto-pay Generation
  • U.S. federal, state and local tax reporting
  • Canadian federal and provincial reporting
  • Job cost accounting
  • On-demand check calculator
  • Retroactive processing
  • Leave time accrual and tracking
  • Effective-dated tax processing
  • Tax maintenance service
  • Wage attachment processing
  • Tax reciprocity
  • Labor distribution and general ledger

End User access via desktop or mobile:

  • Self-service time entry
  • Self-service access to paycheck history
  • Self-service access to W-2s, 1095-Cs, and T4

    What Our Customers Say

    “Lee County Clerk’s Payroll and the Lee County Board of County Commissioners printed close to 5,000 1095-C versa seal forms for our 4 companies that we process payroll for, 2 retiree companies and 12 companies that we do not pay, but are on the BOCC’s benefit plans. We could not have accomplished such a feat if it were not for the terrific support we had from PDS.”

    – Barbara Cobb, Lee County Clerk of Courts

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