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PDS goes to great lengths to care for our clients. We believe in intimate, one-on-one relationships between our service and our clientele. We are obsessed with solving your problems.

“Our Company has been with PDS since 2017 and originally it was about finding a flexible HRMS that was employee self-service friendly and since has grown expand to other capabilities. We chose PDS because the system is semi-custom, allowing us to personalize how we do business. Today, we have since expanded to use other great features like benefits administration, e-onboarding and recruiting. In addition, customer support and our Project Manager, Brian Rivers, are bar none to other competing brands I have used.”

Wendy Trust


“Using Vista keeps us as an organization in the know. We continue to personalize the employee experience with different functions offered by PDS. Our users see the benefits and potential of Vista even when we are presented with obstacles. PDS Support works tirelessly to come up with solutions unique to our complex organization.”

Antoine Chevalier

Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin

“One of the reasons we chose PDS over 12 other major vendors for our new HRMS system is their long history and knowledge in the HR/Payroll industry.  Couple that with the broad and powerful capabilities of their system, their unmatched excellence in customer service (response time of less than 24 hours, many times in 2 hours or less with support tickets), and many other reasons, it is no wonder that they are one of the top 10 rated HRMS systems in the nation.”

Jeff Hoss

Lane Transit District

“I am a user and have experience with PDS Vista for over 5 years. When our company was researching other avenues for our payroll system, we were looking for a product that could fit our custom payroll system needs but also provide an HCM system that took our human resources department to a new level. Let’s put it this way, we were still using the local newspaper to post for job opportunities and paper applications for onboarding. PDS Visa meets our multi-state payroll needs but also offers a variety of tools from recruiting, onboarding, external interfaces that post out to job career sites, and a self-service portal that provides our employees/managers the information they need. We are a multi-generational workplace and with PDS Vista, it is easy for everyone to use.”

Ashley McNamara

Barron Collier

“Change is constant and PDS is doing a great job of trying to keep up with the ever changing world of Human Resources.”

Ciera Garrett

Boyd Corporation

“Vista is extremely easy to add customizations, employee/manager self-service, benefits set-up and open enrollment, payroll processing and their ACA compliance processing is top notch. PDS’s customer support is the best that there is!”

Barbara Cobb

Lee County Clerk of Courts

“The switch to the latest Vista Payroll product changed the way we process payroll in many positive ways. 

We had about 550 employees at the time of our move to the latest version, and processing a payroll validation took almost 20 minutes. When you have to run a validation several times in the older version, those 20 minutes waiting for the validation to complete sure can add up. Now after the initial validation, each subsequent validation runs in seconds. 

PDS has added a configurable payroll dashboard, that is a very nice feature. All of your essential payroll processes are listed in one place and in order of processing. You can set it up so that you cannot move to the next step until each step is completed. You can customize your dashboard to include specific reports to run or specific processes that must be completed that are unique to your business. 

The processing “queue” is a great new feature accessed on the payroll dashboard. The queue makes it easy to be sure all the necessary changes have been made and allows you to see who made the change. Once all the changes are listed in the queue, you can then quickly run a validation and make sure you are getting the desired results. The time saved completing validations was truly process-changing for us. 

I personally love the “Totals” button from the dashboard. When you view the totals, you can “Export To Excel”. This creates an Excel spreadsheet with a Summary tab, and then a separate tab for Earnings, Fringes, Taxes, Deductions and Garnishments.  This makes reconciliation so much easier. All the totals you could want are on this spreadsheet. It lists the number of employees paid, any voided checks or manual checks. It is an easy to read, sort, dissect payroll reconciliation tool. I just love it!”

Karen Dow


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