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At PDS, our students train using live software in real-world situations. They learn the software within the context of day-to-day problems, not from a technical writer’s script. Our instructors use a hands-on, interactive model that stresses personal communication and builds a relationship between trainer and trainee.

Human Resources Training

In this two day course, attendees will learn the key concepts incorporated into Vista® to make it a powerful HR tool. Attendees will become familiar with HR pages and learn how to define organizational and other setup tables. Performing status changes, generating HR reports, running HR processes, navigating through employee self-service, and understanding workflow are objectives of this course. This course is a prerequisite to both Payroll and Benefits and Leave Accrual Training.

Analytics Training

In this half day course, attendees will learn how to use graphs and charts to analyze data in Vista, everything from basic information to advanced statistical models. This training will guide you through the essentials of using Vista Analytics, including setup, usage, Key Performance Indicators, and dashboard deployment.

Benefits and Leave Accrual Training

In this two day course, attendees will learn the key concepts incorporated into Vista for you to take full advantage of the extensive benefit features. A review of benefits structure, eligibility, and plan setup will be followed by an examination of how benefits are elected or declined using the Enrollment Wizard as well as the benefits maintenance pages. Trainees will see how Vista will activate and deactivate employees based on data changes in their employee records and will learn how to run benefits processing to affect the change.

Attendees will also review the setup and maintenance of leave accrual information. Additionally, pension, general ledger, and tax-deferred allocations processing will be covered.

Payroll Processing Training

In this two day course, attendees will learn the key concepts for effective payroll management and information processing. Attendees will become familiar with employee pages containing payroll information and learn to set up Vista tables to meet their payroll needs. Earnings calculations, fringe processing, and handling deductions will all be covered.

Time entry and time setup, payroll tax information, direct deposits, and general ledger information along with processing payrolls and special payroll transactions will be reviewed in depth.

Attendees will also learn how to generate different phases of payroll, run reports, and create special transactions, such as reversals and voids.


In this three day course, attendees will learn how to set up the Vista Recruiting application to work for them. This powerful toolset will be examined from the perspectives of the applicant, employee, recruiter, and HR manager including access to where applicants apply over the Internet. We have also included some tips, tricks, and best practices to help you get the most out of the Recruiting application and the External Applicants site.

Crystal Reports Training

This two day course introduces attendees to Crystal Reports software, and covers topics needed to develop custom Vista reports using this application.

Following a review of PDS tables, views, and security, the course will focus on grouping and summarizing data, developing complex formulas, and setting report parameters using Crystal Reports with Vista. Attendees will also learn to enhance reports with charts and graphics.

Incorporating Crystal Reports into Vista Applications will be the last topic prior to providing the opportunity for participants to build their own reports — unique to their organization’s needs.

Vista System Administration

This course is a technical approach to the Vista. Class participants will gain a technical understanding of the system for effective system administration.

Topics include detailed overviews of servers and databases, and a full presentation of PDS Enterprise Server, including detailed examples of all job types, technical aspects of Vista security, the Vista administration application, and techniques for getting the most out of Vista.

Please visit the PDS Support site for more details on Vista System Administration Guide content which is listed under Vista Documentation.

Vista EasyAsk

In this half day course, attendees will learn to perform ad hoc queries of the Vista database within the Vista application.

Participants will build queries in all three EasyAsk Dictionaries ─ Employee, Applicant, and Organizational ─ and will become familiar with sample questions and be able to modify them.

Participants will familiarize themselves with the Query Builder and Vista Dictionary views to assist in queries. Participants will learn to change the result and feedback options.

Please visit the PDS Support site for more details on Vista Easy Ask Guide content which is listed under Vista Documentation.


What Our Customers Say

“The follow-up training we received from the PDS team was exceptional. They have helped us to see the power and capability of the Vista product suite, and gave us a better understanding of how it can help us improve our processes.”


— Kristen Bastaja, Recruiter, Penn United Technology

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