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Wendy Trust

Vice President of Human Resources

Wendy Trust - Jingoli

“PDS’ Vista is a user-friendly, semi-custom HCM capability that is simplified and agile for any business need.”


Human Resources at Joseph Jingoli & Son, Inc (JINGOLI) and DCO Energy (DCO) & Affiliates provides the people strategy and the day-to-day HR administration for a family of nine (9) Companies (Joseph Jingoli & Son, Inc., DCO Energy, LLC; Jingoli Power, LLC; JET Electrical Testing, LLC; Jingoli Nuclear Services, LLC; JDC Energy Services, LLC; Goldstar Energy Group, Inc., EID Solutions, LLC; JBM Energy Solutions, LLC). The Companies span across multiple sectors (i.e., Construction, Energy, Utilities, etc.) to provide everything from project management, operations and management, construction, sub-contracting, administrative services, electrical testing, and all project life cycles catering to construction and power generation.

Our companies are not just a one-size-fits-all solution, and our flexible and wide range of capabilities allow us to meet the demands of Clients’ complex projects and services on time and within budget.

The Challenge

When I first joined JINGOLI-DCO & Affiliates, the companies were experiencing tremendous growth across all businesses. This left our shared services teams (i.e, accounting, finance, payroll, HR, etc.) faced with having to adapt to that growth.  Unfortunately, we were using antiquated software that lacked a user-friendly interface with ineffective recordkeeping of Human Resources capabilities.

Why PDS?

Our Companies have been with PDS since 2017; originally, it was about finding a flexible Human Resources Capital Management System (HCM) that was employee self-service friendly and have since expanded to other capabilities. We chose PDS’ Vista because the system can be semi-customized to personalize how we do business.

Over my career in Human Resources, I have used many Payroll/HCM software solutions (i.e. Aon Hewitt, ADP, Ascentis, Workday, etc.) and none of them have offered the same easy to use, semi-customizable platform like PDS.  As a mid-size company, we needed a flexible solution, and PDS gave us just that.

About JINGOLI-DCO Energy & Affiliates

JINGOLI-DCO Energy Family of Companies offer a comprehensive build, own, and operate suite of solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each project and service.  Our services span across the construction and energy industry delivering a combined customized approach to achieve for all clients within budget and on schedule. Click here to learn more about our brands.

Our Family of Companies include:



Construction and Energy

Headquarters & Locations

Joseph Jingoli & Son, Inc.
Lawrenceville, New Jersey

DCO Corporate Office
Mays Landing, New Jersey

Number of Employees


PDS’ Vista Module

Human Resources (cloud)

How do you use PDS’ Vista Human Resources?

JINGOLI-DCO utilizes Vista to manage employee records, administer e-onboarding, recruiting, benefit administration, and reporting. Vista is a user-friendly, semi-custom HCM capability that is simplified and agile for any business need.

Today, we have since expanded to the use of employee records management to other great features like benefits administration, e-onboarding, and recruiting. In addition, the customer support and our Project Manager, Brian Rivers, Director of Professional Services, are bar none to other competing brands I have used.

Vista is much more than just a traditional HCM.  It offers the flexibility to go beyond a cookie-cutter approach to expand the way your business needs to use the system.  It also allows a user-friendly and less complicated approach to custom systems that is less cumbersome.

For example, during COVID, we were able to adapt the system quickly to allow us to track employee vaccinations and testing. Within hours during the pandemic, the HR team could leverage already existing employee data and system functionality while maintaining the confidential private information, and remain compliant with HIPAA, and covered employer laws.

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