Workflow Built for You

Our workflow engine is integrated throughout Vista®, so any action can be automated through an approval process.

Workflow Features That Make Your Job Easier

Our Workflow features were built for you because you need the ability to manage the approval processes for employee transactions, monitor transaction activity, and reroute activity when necessary. Vista Workflow provides you with tools such as:

  • Automation of your approval process by putting consistent practices in place
  • Becoming more efficient by eliminating paper approval forms
  • Routing appropriate information to participants and simplifying their ability to act on necessary changes
  • Notifications that can be received through Vista and via email notification

Approvals made easier:

  • Approvals can be processed from anywhere – computer, tablet or mobile
  • Participants may be active (approval required) or passive (FYI notifications)
  • Approvers have the ability to approve, correct, or reject requests
  • Phone calls are eliminated, since employees are kept informed of their approval status

With PDS Workflow, you’ll also be able to:

  • Use a sample workflow template to easily set up a workflow on any employee change (e.g., address changes, pay-rate changes, leave requests, requisition requests)
  • Add attachments to the workflow, so participants can view them before acting on the request
  • Filter the specific data that is presented to participants to ensure privacy
  • Define conditional steps based on your specific needs (e.g., if the pay rate increase exceeds “x,” a second approval is needed)
  • Easily re-route flows as needed to handle temporary situations (e.g. vacations and turnover)
  • Delegate individual workflow activities to an assigned proxy
  • Configure more complex workflows that require a response from employees (e.g., self-service W-2 and 1095-C delivery consent, and performance appraisals)
  • Maintain historical transaction activity, with details of who approved what, which can be easily retrieved for auditing purposes
  • Use a variety of workflow reports to assist in analyzing your ROI

What Our Customers Say

“I like the flexibility the system offers. We have a variety of companies and most of the time with diverse payrolls each one has to be processed a little differently – I am glad to say not with Vista! It is easy to follow the wizards to setup new hires etc. in the system. The security allows multiple ways of granting access which allows companies to pin point who can review what. The software is robust and an overall great system.”

– Crystal Hudler, Senior Accountant & Payroll Specialist, Discovery Insurance Company

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