Reporting Built For You

We understand that no matter how feature-rich a human resources, benefits, and payroll system is, sometimes you just want to get a list of information quickly and easily! Vista® provides a variety of tools to get to the HCM/payroll data that you need.

Reporting Features That Make Your Job Easier

Our reporting features were built for you because you need the ability to quickly get to your data, and email the results in a format that you can use, all with a few clicks. Some of our features include:

  • Hundreds of pre-formatted, parameter-driven reports
  • The ability to save results in a variety of formats (e.g. PDF, Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Reports displayed where you need them, when you need them
  • Parameters to simplify drill-downs and reuse them in multiple reports
  • Automatic scheduling of reports, so you can have them waiting in your queue
  • Effective reporting on historical information at a specific point in time
  • Meaningful metrics reports that use data that drives your business model
  • Simplified hierarchal reporting (who reports to whom) using Vista structures
  • Automated organizational chart integration using pre-defined views
  • Hundreds of database views that bundle the data you want to report on
  • A library of reports for your line managers, so they can request information when they need it
  • Secured views, which allow you to effortlessly show each manager only the data they’re authorized to see
  • Easily add your own reports to Vista menus (Crystal, SQL Server Reporting Services, HTML, or Static content)

Vista EasyAsk

  • Ask a question and get the results
  • Choose a question from the drop-down list
  • Get answers presented in HTML, Word, of Excel
  • Open the dictionary and pick the fields you want to include in your result
  • Use synonyms such as Employee or Associate, Department or Division to call data what you want
  • Build your own or a public list of pre-defined questions

Vista External Interfaces

  • Integrate HCM data with another system
  • Easily configure data extracts using SQL
  • Transform the data by manipulating and formatting the output
  • Generate fixed-length, variable-length, HTML, or XML formats
  • Schedule interfaces to automatically process when you need them to
  • Share the results easily via email
  • Maintain data security by using your pre-defined Vista security

Data Exports

  • One-click exports to extract data into a spreadsheets
  • Secured tool that simplifies giving you access to data
  • Easily configure the breadth of data to export by role, if needed
  • The ability to eliminate dozens of reports by simplifying access

What Our Customers Say

“ PDS has provided its customers with a lot of information to make transitioning to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) procedures as smooth as possible. For this and all of the videos, emails, and webinars, we are very grateful. ”

- Barbara Cobb, Lee County Clerk Of Courts

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