Greetings, fellow sleuths!

Vista’s Issue Detective here to introduce you to another one of my helpful “informants.” For those unfamiliar, my informants watch for any inconsistencies in your Vista database that may disrupt important procedures or processes. I compile any of the informants’ findings, then report them all to you. Remember: I simply report the issues; it is up to you to verify and correct any inconsistencies.

The next informant I’d like you to meet is code-named “Notification 56.” This notification will appear when there are inconsistent year-to-date pay amounts within an employee’s record. Notification 56 first reviews the year-to-date pay amount listed in various tables that record employee data (taxes, deductions, etc.) Then, it compares that number with the year-to-date amount that was printed on each employee’s most recent paycheck. Notification 56 will locate and report all employees who have discrepancies in this data.

Having disparate year-to-date figures is less than ideal. For one thing, your employees could potentially be misinformed regarding the amount they’ve been paid. Incorrect figures can also cause inaccurate reporting and analytic results.

Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, when data is being imported to pay history, the year-to-date amounts within the employee tables must be updated. Additionally, if a manual check or a void check is run through payroll, the year-to-date amounts need to be verified and updated.

Mistakes happen, however, and that is why I’m here. If you call upon me—the Issue Detective—every day, my informants and I provide the opportunity to correct mistakes before they have any impact. In fact, I can be scheduled to run automatically and email you my findings for you to enjoy during your morning cup of joe. For more information you can watch the VistaFlix video on the PDS Support Center, How To: Run Issue Detective.

The Issue Detective

Roger West
HCM Sales Specialist | PDS