When VistaFresh was first introduced several years ago to keep your Vista installation up to date, it was an optional tool. But with the release of Vista 7, VistaFresh is now an integral component of your overall system installation. (In fact, even if you are running Vista in the cloud, your service instance is still maintained with VistaFresh.)

And now that it is an integral, required component, PDS is able to push more features through VistaFresh to you. Here are some examples of recently released features and soon-to-be released features:

  • Delivering new and updated Analytics to your Vista instance.
  • Pushing high priority tax updates and patches.
  • Introducing the new Vista onboarding module.
  • Identifying and displaying the impact of a Vista update vis-à-vis any custom components you might have added to Vista (via side-by-side comparisons).
  • Validating and updating system history triggers and processing.
  • Updating your installations’ internal data dictionary and help.

If you are still on Vista 4.1 and haven’t yet embraced VistaFresh, now’s the time to do so. But if you’re already on 7.0, you can relax because VistaFresh is keeping your Vista installation “fresh”.

Have questions on using VistaFresh? Please contact PDS Support at 1-800-2GETPDS.

Marco Padovani
Senior Development Manager