Save the Dates

Once again, compliance deadlines are looming for year-end processing and filing.

U.S. clients must send W-2s to employees by January 31, 2023. The IRS deadline for furnishing 1095-Cs to employees is March 02, 2023. The IRS deadline to transmit ACA 1094-C/1095-C information is March 31, 2023.

Clients who wish to use PDS W-2 and ACA Services must register by December 16, 2022. Then, these clients should observe the following dates:

  • January 17, 2023: Deadline to transmit the W-2 print file to PDS.
  • February 17, 2023: Deadline to transmit the 1095-C print file to PDS.
  • March 17, 2023: Deadline to transmit 1094-C/1095-C transmission files to PDS.

For more details, check out the ACA & W-2 Services brochure and FAQ documents in the PDS Support Center. U.S. clients should also check out the Affordable Care Act library, which includes downloads to all of our updated ACA compliance documentation.

Support Center Resources

General documentation is located within the Vista Documentation and Vista Quick Guides pages. Videos are available through VistaFlix and the Release Video Library.

Within the Update Center > Compliance category, the Tax Updates, Tax Guide, and Year-End pages provide a wealth of compliance information for U.S. and Canadian clients. The Compliance page itself consists of two pages (for the U.S. and Canada) that contain key dates and compliance information for the coming year. Where applicable, download links are available to view additional user documentation.

On the Year-End page, we’ve provided updated processing guides as well as video presentations covering every step of year-end processing. In addition, we’ll be holding our annual Year-End Processing Q&A webinars, beginning with the U.S. Q&A Webinar on Wednesday, December 14, 2022. Registration information is available on the Support Center News page.