VistaFresh automates and simplifies your Vista update maintenance. Once you set it up, it takes care of just about everything for you. However, if you are converting from Vista HRMS 4.1 to Vista 7, you probably set up VistaFresh several years ago, and have not given a second thought to your setup since then. But Vista 7 is different from Vista HRMS 4.1, so your old definitions won’t necessarily transfer exactly and you may be running into problems.

Given this, you’re faced with two alternatives:
• Set up completely new configurations using the VistaFresh screens or
• Convert the old definitions outside of VistaFresh for your new environments.
From a best-practices perspective, the latter approach might seem to be an easy short-cut, but it is riskier because you’re not letting VistaFresh validate your definitions as you create them.

To ensure the smoothest possible upgrade from 4.1 to 7.0, I strongly recommend the following:
• Use VistaFresh to create new 7.0 definitions.
• As the last step in your upgrade, pass your new 7.0 definitions to your PDS Support representative for a final review.

Remember – the whole point of VistaFresh is to make the Vista update process as simple as possible. Ensure that by setting it up correctly right from the beginning.

Marco Padovani
Senior Development Manager