An Update on What You Need to Know About Cannabis Legalization

Keeping on top of the constantly changing marijuana laws in the United States can be a real challenge for employers. As legalization in every state becomes more of a reality, employers need to be ready to address the challenges associated with it, including workplace safety, absenteeism, and productivity. And, when every state has different regulations, it makes the job of managing policies extremely difficult for HR departments.

In 2018, we created a whitepaper addressing what employers should know about cannabis legalization, but so much has—and continues to—change. We recently updated that whitepaper with the latest regulations for each state and expect to revise it again in late 2020, after many states vote on legalization in the November elections.

In the whitepaper, we discuss the four business ramifications of cannabis legalization and where HR needs to focus to prevent issues within their organization. Understanding laws in the state(s) in which your organization operates is critical, as well as understanding your rights and obligations as an employer. Then, creating policies and ensuring your employees understand them is essential to ensuring compliance.

Click here to download the latest version of “Cannabis Legalization in the United States: What Employers Need to Know.”