This is the penultimate article in our Vista Analytics Best Practices series. And, technically, it’s not even an article about analytics best practices. Rather, this is a shameless promotion for an upcoming blog series that will come out in the new year. This new series will focus on how to marry internal employee surveys with analytics to deliver more valuable insights than you otherwise might have gotten using each of these tools separately.

This next series does tie into Vista Analytics Best Practices because it addresses the timeframe before you create your first analytic—i.e., making sure that your to-be-created data is suitable and relevant for analytics transformations and insights.

And, in Vista particularly, there are many points of interface between surveys and analytics. Part of this involves areas such as properly designing and handling different survey question data types. Plus, there are considerations involving the same or similar survey questions when those questions are administered either to different groups or the same groups but over different time periods. And, we will cover even more areas of consideration.

So, stay tuned in 2022 for this series! But, in the meantime, we’ll have one final article in this series coming soon, where we’ll wrap up some key points from our whole our Vista Analytics Best Practices series.

And, in the meantime, remember (depending on your age)…

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Marco Padovani
Senior Development Manager | PDS