When navigating through employee information in Vista, it knows who the currently referenced employee is. Again, it is simple to specify the “referenced person” to construct “employee” analytics that can be placed on relevant employee pages. For example, consider a chart comparing an employee’s compa-ratio to his peers’ ratios over time. Or consider a simple pie chart showing the value of someone’s employer benefits. Each of these can be a single Analytic added to an employee page, and each will automatically render differently as you select different employees.

Navigate in Vista to a different person’s page, and the same Analytic automatically knows whose data to show.

If you already utilize Crystal or Vista EasyAsk to view statistics/data, you can easily convert those reports or queries into a Vista analytic. Learn how with these helpful VistaFlix videos on the Support Site:

·       How To: Create an Analytic from a Crystal Report

·       How To: Create an Analytic from an EasyAsk Query

You’ll need your PDS Support user name and password to access.

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Marco Padovani
Senior Development Manager