If you’ve been using Vista Workflow for a while, you will have built up a little history of completed (and in-progress flows). That means you have data that you can analyze. For example, what is the average time it takes for flow to complete from start to finish? Do different flows for different purposes take different amounts of time? Or are bottlenecks related to specific individuals rather than the process?

Vista provides a set of administrative reports that you can use to start analyzing this information. Moreover, all of the information that feeds these reports is available to you if you wish to add your own reports or analytics.

So, if you’ve been using workflow, start analyzing how it’s going. (And if you’re not, why not start now?)

This is part of the Workflow Best Practices series. If you missed our last article, Tailor Email Notifications with Relevant Information, be sure to check it out.

Marco Padovani
Senior Development Manager | PDS